Monday, March 5, 2012

Poem - Father, Thank You for Your Love

Father, thank You for the love that You give
The only love which helps me live
I would be nothing without You
You are sweeter than honey and refreshing as dew

When the world becomes too great
And I find myself in a terrible state
You lift me up with Your tender hand
And I realize that You understand

When the weight of my burdens become too much
And I feel discouraged as such
You remind me that You’re there
To take my burdens, because You care

When everything seems to go wrong
And I think I won’t last long
You fill me with Your staying power
And make me strong as a fortified tower

And when my troubles reach their peak
And I realize that I am weak
You cradle me in Your loving arm
To keep me from anymore harm

Then I realize the love that You give
Is the only thing which helps me live
You are sweeter than honey, refreshing as dew
And because You first loved me, I can love You

by Christina Morley

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