Saturday, February 23, 2013

Poem - The Sun Rises

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The sun rises across the sky
As people are walking by
Shining on the rich and poor
From desert to sea shore
On every man, woman, and child
From the city to the wild
It rises and then sets again
Each day without end
Telling a tale for all to see
That we aren’t living equally
Perhaps equally we never will
And also without justice ‘til
We speak up for the weak and small
In the daytime and at nightfall
To remain consistent and fair
As our lives are there to share

by Christina Morley
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Money on the Move – Part 4 of 4

When it was time for us to leave Japan, we had no idea how we would pay our way back to the airport. Then unexpectedly, one of the Japanese workers who helped us get on a train to the airport gave us some money. Not only did he give us enough for our fare, but there was also enough to buy a few souvenirs at the airport. During our time in Tokyo we had firsthand experience of God working through people and through us.

Life is not all about shopping at the mall, watching TV, or playing computer games. As parents, it’s our responsibility to shape our children’s world-view. Most kids don’t even appreciate what they have. The best way to combat materialism is by giving away money or things. The best way to combat selfishness is by giving away time through acts of service.

Consider taking your kids with you on a short-term outreach during a holiday or summer break. Allow them healthy exposure to the outside world so they can learn how other people live. Teach them to be grateful, compassionate, and generous. God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing. God doesn’t want the resources we possess to stop with us. He wants them to keep flowing.
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