Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poem - Walking by Faith

Walking by faith is a hard road to travel
Living under the law is easier to understand
But it’s by grace that we receive from Your hand
Even when others don’t, help me in Your grace to stand.

I want my life to be a life of faith
To trust You in every situation
Even when worrying can be such a temptation
Help me to remember You are my rock and salvation.

When things get hard it’s easy to forget what You’ve promised
Help me remember in the dark what You’ve shown me in the light
Even when my mountain seems to be such a great height
You are stronger yet, so I must just keep You in sight.

You want me to live a life fully dependent on You
As a little child in my Father’s care
Not caught up in my own affair
But given over to Your life, which You so graciously want to share.

That’s when I will see Your mighty hand move
You are a God that likes to put the impossible to shame
Who joys in giving the foolish things of this world the power of Your name
One day the world will acknowledge Your fame.

by Christina Morley

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