Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful in Times of Difficulty – Part 1 of 4

How do you handle life when it’s not going your way? Every time in the Old Testament when the Israelites faced new difficulties, they would throw up their arms in fear or despair. Instead of staying focused on God, their problems would cause them to lose peace of mind.  

Soon after crossing the Red Sea, Moses went up the mountain to speak to God. When a few days had passed and he hadn’t yet returned, the people gave up waiting for him and decided to take matters into their own hands. They created a golden calf to be their god. It was the same gold that God had made available through the Egyptians, who gave it willingly to the Israelites when they left Egypt.

They chose to replace the living God with idolatry. What do you turn to in difficult times? Do you turn to things like food, shopping, unwholesome relationships, or anywhere else other than to God, for that matter? Or, is God your only source when you are faced with the storms of life?

Fear is often the root of incorrect thinking and drives people to incorrect behavior. We can learn from the Israelites’ mistakes not to soothe our fears with created things, but to place our faith in the Creator who made everything. God wants to bless us because He’s a loving, merciful Father, but He’s also just. Therefore, we have much to gain or lose by the choices we make. 


  1. and when I can't pray for whatever reason, I just say over and over over and over, "Jesus i trust in you...."

  2. New GFC follower from the Exposure 99% weekday hop :)

  3. You are right my friend, this is a great post! On a completely different note, I notice that you are from Cape Town. I have precious friends who are missionaries in Swaziland. Now, I did not pull out my map to look at how close the two of you are from a geographical location, however, as your post came through I was looking at photos from his morning "safari"...If I were not terrified of flying, I would be on mission to Africa tomorrow! Blessings to you all as you are about our Lord's business!!

    1. Interesting! We've been to other African nations on missions trips, but funny enough, never to Swaziland, although they are our neighbors. God bless! Tina


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