Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poem - Rise Up

Rise up, people, and take a stand
Now is the time to heal our land
There are enough bad things around us to see
That change has to start with you and me
Transformation happens one by one
Beginning with ourselves and on it will run
To transform our families and others around
As we stand by morality and what is sound

By Christina Morley


  1. Hi Christina,
    How beautiful!! I also love how you say that your pen is your pulpit...that is awesome!
    I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you Cindy! My weekend has been full. My eldest daughter turned 14 on Saturday. She amazes me all the time and she's a positive example to the people around her.

      "My pen is my pulpit" did not originate with me and I don't know who said it first. Thanks for liking it along with me!

      I'm very impressed with all of your accomplishments.

      Have a wonderful Monday!



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