Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prayer is Powerful – Part 1 of 5

Prayer is an integral part of a vibrant Christian life. Fortunately, God does not grant us everything that we pray for, especially when those prayers are misguided. Usually, we start out praying the best we know how without properly tapping into the Holy Spirit’s leading. These self-led prayers are not all bad. God will listen to anyone who reaches out to Him; He’d rather we try than not pray at all. He also desires that we grow in our ability to pray as His Spirit leads. The more we pray God’s way, the greater the results will be.

God had to deal with me regarding my prayer life. There was a time when my prayers mostly revolved around me and what seemed missing in my life. My prayers were the kind that flowed from a discontented heart. The discontentment stemmed from the many sacrifices I was making to try to create a happy family, and it culminated in self-pity.

This self-pity became the driving force behind my prayers, which seemed to be going nowhere. Finally, I realized that I had to make a shift from selfish prayers to outward-focused prayers. The more I took the focus off myself and tapped into what was on God’s heart, the more my prayers took a positive outlook. No longer were they weak, directionless, and powerless. They were now taking a turn toward being dynamic, effective, and power-filled.

It’s difficult to look outside of yourself when you don’t know who or what to pray for. You might even need to ask God to give you a compassionate heart. Next, become aware of those around you. Once you notice the need around you, recognize that God has blessed you so that you can be a blessing. Then, ask God to lead you so that you can pray pinpointed prayers. Specific prayers bring about definite results. Pray that God will lead you according to His desires and have faith that God will answer. It’s all about “God’s will be done” and not “my will be done.”


  1. I am so happy I clicked you link from Exposure 99% weekday hop!

    Our pastor did a series on prayer about a year ago, dissecting the Lord's prayer: praise God, pray for His will to be done, pray for your needs, and pray for forgiveness.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I agree that The Lord's Prayer is very important in understanding the heart of God.

      As Christians, it's easy to think the world is going to stay messed up until Jesus returns and puts everything right. To some extent that is true, but we forget that in His prayer He says, "They Kingdom come, They will be done on earth as it is in heaven." He's not talking about when He returns, destroys the earth and makes everything new again. He's talking about now. He said His Kingdom is among us and the Pharisees couldn't understand this.

      If we truly pray the Lord's prayer and live it out, then we will be administering His Kingdom to the hurting world around us.

      God bless!


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