Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poem: Who’s Praying for the Children?

Lord, who’s praying for the children
When they’re lost and alone
And their houses are too sorry to be called a home
When they’re growing up and their parents aren’t there
And the children soon wonder if they even care

Lord, who’s praying for the teens
When they’re not at home
And they’re running around, lost on their own
When they’re pushing drugs and doing crime
And you wonder why parents never had time

Lord, who’s praying for the adults
When they start their own home
And now their children are left alone
When the parents are struggling and wondering why
Things haven’t changed, they pass on the lie

By Christina Morley


  1. Wow! My heart just received a tug right now. Lord help us to rise and pray for the children,help us to create time and be there for them and love them through us Lord, in Jesus name, amen,
    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post Christina, God bless you1

    1. Thanks Ugochi for your words of encouragement! I love this photo of the little girl that I found. It tugs at my heart. Lord, please remind us to pray!


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